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Lightning Packaging Suppplies Ltd

I want to thank the team at Andrews Computers for everything they have done to take Lightning Packaging to the next level, year on year.

Their understanding and guidance in re-constructing Standard Sage Software for us, to benefit our requirements and speed up our all-important needs from our data. Then with the insight to compile this data remotely and securely for easy access by our Field Sales Team, to help create a powerful iPad based software package, which compliments our ever increasing need for up to minute traceability on all our customers enquiries and orders.

Andrews support, guidance and expertise has helped us for many years grow into one of the most reliable and efficient companies in our sector.

With regular monthly meetings we are always looking at new ideas, either to increase productivity, or prepare way in advance of any upcoming changes that we may need to make to safeguard and maintain the cutting edge of an ever changing world."