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Despite ‘The Cloud’ being a massive buzzword at the moment, there is still come confusion as to what it is. This is understandable as it is not a single ‘thing’! Essentially it is you ‘consuming’ computing services that are hosted in a datacentre somewhere. The beauty from a businesses perspective of this over the traditional ‘on-premise’ IT solutions, is that rather than having to guess how powerful you need your servers to be before you buy them, you simply pay for a small slice of someone else’s very large server cluster and they have the worry of keeping it all up to date, paying the heating and cooling costs, uninterruptible power supplies and diesel generators etc. For your small monthly payment you even get a service level agreement (SLA) to guarantee that the systems will be available.

For three years we have been providing our clients with cloud based email solutions so that they can benefit from a massively robust email server architecture that no small or medium sized company could possibly afford. Call us if you would like more details or would like a free trial of one of the Microsoft Office 365 cloud solutions.