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Sage 200

The benefits for SMEs

For all companies, producing accurate and relevant data in a timely fashion is a requirement and for many this can be a challenge.  HMRC and other government bodies such as the Office of National Statistics require detailed reports of anything from VAT and PAYE to the value of sales in a particular period. You may require detailed analysis and breakdown of your sales to enable you to make informed business decision.

If your business has outgrown your existing accounts software or your accounts software has not kept pace with the demands you are now placing on it, talk to us for a free consultation and demonstration regarding how Sage 200 and Andrews Computer Services can help your business.

Sage 200 is a very powerful and flexible accounting package for small to medium sized businesses. It is suitable for lots of industries ranging from car hire to waste management. The modular format enables us to modify the software to ensure that it works exactly as your business needs it to work not how the software developers thought you might need it to work.

These unique features provide integration of financial accounting, customer and supplier records, payroll and stock control and the flexibility of the software ensures that you can produce the reports necessary to manage your business effectively.

Accessing real time information can be useful to both sales staff and management when meeting with both customers and suppliers.

Being able to check a customer’s credit level and payment history can help when negotiating terms and knowing up to date financial information will be useful when meeting suppliers or with financial institutions.