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Collect Direct Debits directly within Sage 50

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Sage 50 Software

The UK's number 1 Accounts software for small businesses

Sage 50 Accounts


Account Software that helps simplify your day-to-day customers, suppliers, finances and VAT

Ideal for: Established SME’s who need to take more control of their finances.

Sage 50 Accounts Plus


Accounts software to manage finances, customers, suppliers and VAT. Additional stock, project costing and pricing tools

Ideal for: Established small to medium sized businesses who want more control of their finances, to manage stock and flexible pricing options and project costing

Sage 50 Accounts Professional


Accounts software to manage finances, customers, suppliers, and VAT. Features sales order, purchase order and foreign trading tools

Ideal for: Established small to medium sized businesses who want more control their day-to-day finances, to produce sales and purchase orders and trade overseas


If you’re still stuck with cheques and standing orders for payments, there’s now a Direct Debit solution that means you can finally get rid of them. Because now you can set up Direct Debits, manage them, and take payments, all without ever leaving Sage 50.

With the free GoCardless add-on for Sage, you’ll be taking Direct Debits in no time:

With it, you could benefit from:

Reduced debtor days: users have reduced late payment by up to 83% in two months

Significant reduction in payment admin: automatically bill invoices in Sage at the click of a button.

Automatically reconcile all payments, in just one click!

For a limited introductory period, the add-on is free through us. For more information, click here.

Andrews Computer Services is an authorised GoCardless Partner. GoCardless is sponsored by RBS and registered with the FCA.


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